Mfg. Item ID Description Box Condition Quan. Value Total
LIO 2333 Post War Santa Fe A-A Units N Good 1 200 200
MTH 40-1002 RealTrax 0-31 Curves N LN Layout Use 12 1.00 12
LIO 6-17518 Penn.Flatcar w/Corgi Trucks Y M 1 45 45
Atlas 6308-2 New York Central (NYC) Hopper Y XL 3 30 90
Mint: New in the box. Unused. Good: Signs of play wear. Minor dents, surface rust.
Like New: May have been on display. Little or no run time. Fair: Evidence of heavy use. Small parts missing.
Excellent: Minute scratches or paint nicks. No missing parts. Poor: Requires repair. Missing component parts. Etc.

Texas Trains Example List

     Your list would be divided into groups of like items. For the purposes of organization that would usually be by brand but might also be by grouping all engines together, cars, track, etc.

     In order to give your list the fastest consideration the more specific it is the better. (For instance Lionel has remade many of their Post War items using the original numbers but it is important to be clear if it is old or new).
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